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The 4 Big Reasons

To Ask Bing Home Advisory Group

                            To Sell Your Home For You

We Will Sell Your Home FAST!

Harry Bing and his Team will get your home sold fast. That’s not an empty promise or braggadocio. It is a fact.  In hot markets or slow markets, in every part of town, Bing Home Advisory Group’s selling speed is legendary. For example:

We had our home on the market with three other agents for over a year with no offers. We decided to interview Bing Home Advisory Group. So after being blown away by Harry and their marketing plan, we listed with them. Our home sold for 98.7% of our asking price in less than 21 days. - George and Brenda Fisher

We Will Sell Your Home For TOP DOLLAR!

Bing Home Advisory Group will get you top dollar for your home.  There are many reasons.

For example: 

In order to sell our home, we had to get our price.  We were so nervous because we had gotten nothing but ridiculous offers with a previous agent. We decided to make a change to Bing Home Advisory Group. Harry Bing brought us 2 offers both for our asking price in 43 days. – Tony and Kay House


Harry Bing and his team will get your home sold, every “i” dotted, every “t” crossed with the least inconvenience to you.  For example:

I have bought homes all over the country, most of the time it was far from perfect and always the biggest hassle. So we were dreading relocating again, but Todd and his team were awesome! They kept us more than informed; anticipating our questions and making us feel like we were their only clients. Our home sold for 99.5% of our asking price in less than a month. -  Dave Zimmer

Your Home Sell is SAFE!

15 years of experience, the Team Approach = no mistakes made, no detail missed, no unpleasant surprises. There are over 72 different things that can go wrong with a real estate transaction. For example:

Because we did not trust agents, we decided to sell our home by Owner. But after experiencing less than qualified buyers, we decided to interview Harry Bing. We were impressed from the beginning. We no longer worried about unqualified buyers especially since we got a firm offer on our home for 100% of our asking price less than 3 weeks later. – Tim and Kathy Hill

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